"Anne Clark is an amazing agent – supportive, insightful and a lovely person too. It is great to have an agent who can offer editorial advice, who is in regular contact when needed and who gives honest, constructive feedback. I feel incredibly lucky to have Anne as my agent."  Penny Joelson

"Anne is a wonderful, kind, strong, expert professional to work with. I love working with her on writing projects, knowing that she will then work for the best deal on those which come to fruition."  Pippa Goodhart

"Anne is fantastic to work with! Her previous experience as a commissioning editor means she really knows which texts are going to sell.  She helps me to edit my stories, providing honest and extremely useful feedback. Anne also has great contacts within the industry so is very good at finding the right homes for the right stories. I know I wouldn't be where I am in my writing career without her."   Lucy Rowland

"Anne was the first person to see some potential in my stories for children. She knows what publishers want, what risks they’re willing to take and, most importantly, is prepared to work with her writers – editing and polishing a piece of work prior to putting it before a publisher – in order to give it the best chance of success."  Mick Jackson

"Anne is everything you could hope for in a literary agent: she knows the market, she’s brilliant, not to mention tactful, at offering editorial advice (she doesn’t just point out what’s wrong with your book, she actually helps you fix it), but above all, she’s incredibly supportive and won’t give up on a manuscript if she really believes in it."  Simon Packham

"Anne transformed my writing career. She had faith in my ideas and talent and achieved things for me that other agents couldn’t. She is friendly, encouraging, and full of good advice, and, if she thinks something isn’t working, Anne will let you know in the gentlest way possible."  Mike Barfield

"I couldn’t be happier with my agent Anne Clark who is a funny and very intelligent woman. She has been extremely supportive to me and is brilliant at what she does. She loves children’s literature as much as I do and is always enthusiastic and helpful."   Patricia Forde

"I really owe my career as a children's author to Anne’s hard work and representation. My first book Girl with a White Dog was published in 2014 and since then I have had 21 children's books published. Anne gives me honest but kind advice about what is or isn't working, and I trust her judgement as to my writing and the market, and her commitment to my long term career. I have found her so kind and supportive, and really good at keeping in touch and encouraging me in what can be a lovely but rather lonely job. I am so happy to be a writer in her agency!"

Anne Booth

"Anne is a wonderful agent - organised, generous and inspiring. She has helped to shape my texts and given thoughtful feedback based on her extensive experience. She is great to work with and has a wonderful steely side when pitching books, getting contracts and sorting stuff out. I would and do recommend her . . . all the time!"

Rebecca Patterson

"Within weeks of being represented by Anne I had signed my first two contracts with Bloomsbury and Hachette. Now, many years on, she continues to find and secure the very best editors to suit both me and my style of writing. She is a superb agent, kind and supportive. You could not be in better hands."  Lou Carter

"I know that I can always trust Anne’s honest advice and publishing wisdom."  Greg Gormley

"I have found Anne Clark to be a formidable ally in negotiating on my behalf.  She is clearly an expert in the age-groups I write for, and gives honest feedback. When she spots what she thinks will work, she backs it wholeheartedly and offers enthusiastic support in the form of detailed critiquing. Oh that enthusiasm! It has spurred me on and made me strive to be the best writer I can be. This makes her agent gold!"  Cath Howe  

"Anne has been instrumental in helping me find my feet as a children’s author. She is enthusiastic, wise, and unfailingly kind. Her advice is never less than spot-on, and I feel extremely fortunate to be working with her."  Ben Lerwill