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I am keen to hear from talented writers from all backgrounds, whether this is your first book or you have already been published. Submissions from groups which are currently under-represented in publishing are particularly welcome.

When I dive into my Submissions, I'm hoping to find distinctive voices, unforgettable characters, exciting ideas and stories which make me laugh or cry or think, or all three!

I am currently looking for fiction (younger, middle grade and YA) and non fiction for children and teenagers. At the moment I am not looking to take on new picture book writers.

This is what to do:

  1. Please type your book title and surname in the email subject line.

  2. In the email, tell me briefly about your book and yourself.

  3. Paste the following into the email (i.e. not as an attachment):

  • for fiction, a brief synopsis of the whole plot, followed by the first 3000 words of your book;

  • for non fiction, a short proposal and text for three sample pages.

Please send your email to:


This is what to expect:

  1. You'll receive an acknowledgement when your submission arrives.

  2. If I am interested in seeing more, I will contact you within four weeks.

  3. If you haven't heard from me after four weeks, I'm afraid that means your submission is not quite right for me so I won't be taking things any further.


  • don't phone or email ahead.

  • do send text and not images.

  • don't email the whole manuscript. 

  • do finish your book before submitting it!

  • don't send your submission by post.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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